Parlux 385 Power Light Ionic , Flera färger


Parlux nya heta fön som har ALLT, lätt, stark, tyst och tillverkad av återanvänt matrial.

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The 385 Power Light is the newest addition to the Parlux family. Like its big
brother, the 3800, it holds the powerful K-Lamination® motor as well as using
ceramic ion technology and a built-in silencer. Being only 480 grams it is by
far the most powerful model for its weight. Thanks to the variety of colors the
385 gives you the possibility to add a personal touch to your work. Made from
recycled materials.

»» Very Powerful for its weight
»» Eco friendly
Output: 1300 liters of air/minute
»» 2150 Watt
»» 2 Speed Settings
»» 4 Temperature Settings
»» Instant cold shot button
»» K-Lamination motor (+2000 hours)
»» Ceramic/Ionic technology
»» Built-in silencer
Weight: 480 g
Cord: 3 meter
»» 2 nozzles